Using real world evidence driven strategies to engage physicians at the treatment decision stage of the patient journey

This webinar took place on May 17th 2023

The Practice Gaps Webinar Series provides a deep dive into the clinical practice gaps identified by our latest in-depth study, "The Impact of Clinical Practice Gaps on the Implementation of Personalized Medicine in Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer" which found that 64.4% of cancer patients do not receive the right treatment. 

In the third and final instalment in the Practice Gaps webinar series we analyzed the impact of gaps 5-7 on the patient journey with a focus on the treatment decision gap and the benefits of implementing a real world evidence driven strategy to target and engage physicians before treatment decisions have been made.

Jordan Clark
Chief Commercial Officer

Derry Mae Keeling
Solution Owner

Catch-up on the Practice Gaps webinar series

This webinar series consists of 3 webinars, the first in the series was hosted in conjunction with the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC) and discussed the 7 clinical practice gaps identified in the study, the role of Diaceutics and the PMC from Daryl Pritchard, Senior Vice President of Science Policy, PMC. The second takes a deep dive into clinical practice gaps 1-4 and the solutions available to close each gap and the third focuses on the value of using real world evidence strategies to engage physicians at the treatment decision stage of the patient journey. 

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