The Practice Gaps Study

'The Impact of Clinical Practice Gaps on the Implementation of Personalized Medicine in Advanced Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer.'

Our latest in-depth study carried out in conjunction with the Personalized Medicine Coalition regarding the use of diagnostic testing for lung cancer patients in the US identified that over half of patients are not receiving the right treatment for them.

Helen Sadik, Daryl Pritchard, Derry-Mae Keeling, Frank Policht, Peter Riccelli, Gretta Stone, Kira Finkel, Jeff Schreier, and Susanne Munksted. JCO Precision Oncology 2022:6

Highlights on the research paper:

  • 64.4% of lung cancer patients in the US do not receive the right treatment for them 
  • There are 7 “gaps” in which patients are being lost in their testing journey 
  • 18% of patients do not receive treatment due to inconclusive or false negative diagnostic results 

  • 29% of patients were also lost due to a gap in clinicians not prescribing the targeted or immuno-oncology therapy the patient could have benefitted from despite the diagnostics being carried out correctly
  • There exists a huge opportunity for stakeholders within the precision medicine industry to take action and enable patients to receive the treatment they deserve

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Practice Gaps Webinar Series

The Practice Gaps Webinar Series takes a deep dive into the clinical practice gaps identified by the study which found that  64.4% of cancer patients do not receive the right treatment and presents real world case studies on the solutions that stakeholders can implement to close each practice gap and be part of the change. 

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